.Org domains with rich history top expired domain sales

A three-word .org domain name with lots of backlinks was the top expired domain sale at Web.com last month.

Web.com’s domain auction platforms grossed nearly $300,000 from sales of domains at $2,000 or more last month. The combined total includes both NameJet and SnapNames.

Surprisingly, a three-word .org led the charts. KnowYourStuff.org sold for $30,600 on NameJet.  The Insurance Information Institute used the domain for a service for inventorying your home but discontinued it in 2007.

The domain’s backlinks certainly drove the bulk of the value. It has links from NYTimes.com, Lifehacker, Zillow, NerdWallet, and many insurance websites.

The second-highest sale was also a .org. CFAH.org sold for $24,300. Again, this was because of its prior use by the Center for Advancing Health. It appears that whomever bought the domain has replicated the former site that used the domain.

Here’s a full list of sales on NameJet and SnapNames last month that were $2,000 or more. Please keep in mind that this includes both expired and other aftermarket sales.