Some long numeric domains may work in corporate China

Long numeric domains can work in China, but not usually.



Generally speaking, long numeric domains are difficult to remember and use for Chinese companies. However, like anything in life, there are always exceptions. A small number of long numeric domains may work if they are meaningful.

Some Chinese companies use numeric domains. For example, in the 2018 Top 100 Chinese Internet Companies Report (2018年中国互联网企业100强分析报告), the following seven companies use numeric domains.

  • by 360 Total Security
  • by
  • by
  • by 37 Games
  • by 4399
  • by 6Rooms
  • by Chuang Lan 253

However, note that these names are all four digits or fewer. Therefore, I consider any domain longer than four digits as a long numeric domain. A long numeric domain is difficult to use unless you can create meaning for consumers to associate the two. A good example is a domain sold recently in a domain auction:

This name is interesting if you break it into two parts: 365 and 765. They roll off the tongue when said in Chinese. When I saw this domain, I decided to use the rhyming method to see if I could create meaning for it. In other words, I tried to find Pinyin phrases that sound similar to the numbers. The result is shown below.

365765 = 想礼物,取礼物 (Xiang Li Wu, Qu Li Wu = Think of gifts, take the gifts)

The “comma” makes it easier to say in Chinese. This domain may be used for a gift-related business.

Be aware that rhyming means the resulted Chinese phrase sounds similar to but not exactly as the number. A certain imagination is required. Also, when this number is used outside China, its meaning will be lost. For this reason, I have not seen any long numeric domain used by major Chinese brands. Long numeric domains are likely used for trading among speculators but not sold to end users.